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Vases / Candle Holders/ Lanterns

I have a variety of glass candle holders and lanterns - most are singular items, however I do post quantities on some options. I do offer large white pillar candles, small white votive candles, and white tealights to place inside if requested as well. 

Glass Fishbowls 

Small (2 in stock) - $2 ea 

Large (8 in stock) - $4 ea

Clear glass fishbowl vases. Perfect as centerpieces, or used on a Candy Bar. Comes with plastic candy scoops if requested.

Assorted Cylinder Glass Vases/Candle Holders

12 inch (8 in stock) - $4 ea

7 1/2 inch (13 in stock) - $3 ea

3 1/2 inch (3 in stock) - $2 ea

Pairs well with pillar candles, floral arrangements, crystals/gems, or anything else you wish to include in your centerpieces or table arrangements. 

Glass & Gold Lantern

(2 in stock) - $10 ea

Fill with pillar candles, votive candles, or florals.