It's what Sets you ​Apart

Wedding & Event Planning and Coordination



Do you need help or advice on a specific aspect of your Wedding or Event? I offer hourly rates for consultation starting at $150 for the first hour, and $50 for every subsequent hour.  

Below are just a few examples of areas you may need assistance with.

Vendor Selection

There are many great vendors to work with that can make your event a memorable one, however how can you be sure you are hiring the best one? I have personally cultivated my vendor list for categories such as Catering, DJ Services, Photographers/Videographers, Florists, Cake Bakers, and more. I offer multiple suggestions for many price ranges, and work with you to find the best person for your event.


Theme Development

Coming up with a theme can be very overwhelming. Which colours do you choose, what decor fits in with your vision, how will these work logistically? I work with you to develop a theme for your Wedding or Event, and help you put this into motion. 

Time Line Creation

Once you have secured a venue and are starting to book other vendors, the most important part of the event is creating a time line. This helps you to determine how long you will need each vendor for, how many vendors you may need, rental costs, and much more. I will work with you and your vision to create a working time line for the entire day, which will help to keep the event on track and organized.

Budget Planning and Allocation

You've decided to plan an event, or you have recently gotten engaged and are excited to start the planning process. The first step - determining your budget. I will help you with determining what you can afford, and how to spend this budget wisely to keep everything in check. I can also offer tips on where to save money in specific areas!